Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dating - How To Be Noticed And Find Mr. Right

If you are single and feel that men do not notice you, then you have found the solution to your problem. The problem is not with the men at the office, the ones you see in the supermarket, or the ones you walk or drive by along the street; the problem is elsewhere. A change in attitude and body language is your solution.
  • First thing first, give close attention to your personal hygiene. If you are in your twenties you already know what good personal hygiene is all about: keeping in mind that offensive body odor turns men off, food particles stuck between the teeth is another turn off, and food stain on your clothes is yet another.
  • Often we are caught up in our own thoughts, or listening to the radio as we walk or drive along the street that we do not notice those attractive individuals walking by us or in the cars next to us. Want to know a great secret? If you notice people they will notice you back.
  • Let your body language say you are available, you are willing to talk, you are friendly. This means uncrossing your arms, not hiding behind objects such as a book or a laptop, and not hunching your shoulders. You don’t need to be seductive, simply be friendly.
  • If you want to be noticed, a great opportunity is lost when an attractive guy looks at you and you turn your eyes away. This tells him that you are not interested. If you are interested, meet his gaze. The right eye contact can say more than the hottest verbal conversation.
  • When a guy looks at you and you look back, but do not smile you are sending a mix message. Unless he is a daring young man, he may think you don’t want to be bothered. And quietly he will melt into the crowd or hide behind something. Relax your jaw and smile more, especially if you want to be noticed. Men will smile back, look your way, and ask you for a date.
  • After you have been dating at least for a year, if your guy continues to love going out and staying out late, then all is not well: especially if you want something different. A year is just about enough time for you and your guy to settle in and get closer in the relationship, enjoying romantic dinners and quite nights at home, just the two of you. At this early stage in the relationship if being alone with you doesn’t give him a good enough time, imagine what will happen in two or three years.
  • If your guy cannot commit to a date a couple days ahead, and must always wait the last minute to commit to one, it is a sure sign that you are not the only girl in his life. Men with several girlfriends like to keep their option open. Committing to a date too soon may rob them of a better choice later in the week. If you can deal with waiting for hours for the phone to ring, or spending weekend nights alone by yourself, then you’ve found your guy, but if you cannot then its time to move on.
  • If your guy is not making an effort to become a part of your world by getting to know your family and friends, it’s an indication that he doesn’t want people to know that he is your man. You will also hear ridiculous excuses from him why he cannot go to events that are important to you. If this is happening, he is hiding something from you, and is the type who will leave at the first sign of problem, or when he meets another girl.
  • If your guy continues to need his single friends in his life after you have been dating for a while, that’s a sign of trouble. You don’t want him to immediately give up his friends because he met you. He might be a very sociable person and people naturally gravitate toward him, but you want to gradually help him become independent of them while you fill in the space as they become less important in his life. If he insists on hanging out with his buddies, you may choose to ride along, but once you find he is taking you nowhere get off that bus.
  • If your guy can see you only once a week, something or somebody is keeping him from seeing you often. But before you make any rush decision, find out if the nature of his job is the reason he cannot see you more than once a week. If his job is the reason, arrange to meet him twice a week when he is about to leave work. If you can do so safely and without breaking any law, by all means do so. Do something creative to surprise him when you meet so that he cannot wait to see you at the appointed time; keeping in mind it is for good reason that a bait is put on a hook.
If you have been dating this guy for a while, and you know his family and friends and he knows your family and friends, and you feel safe and happy with him, but you have agreed to live in separate homes, you should have the keys to his apartment and he should have yours. If he is not ready to give you the keys to his apartment that’s a sign of problems ahead, heed it.

You are beautiful, and there are attractive men out there waiting to meet you. Change your attitude and body language and be noticed.

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