Monday, March 1, 2010

Natural Weight Loss: The Best Way To Lose Weight Permanently

Let face it, the size of our bodies is determined by the type and quantity of food we eat, and only secondarily and to a lesser degree by genetic. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, controlling the type and quantity of food you eat is your best chance.
  • All food and beverages have calories, which are units of food energy. By the metabolic process, the body converts calories to energy to fuel cellular and muscular activities, to eliminate toxins and unnecessary nutrients in the form of waste, and to store glucose from carbohydrates as glycogen in the muscle and liver for future use.
  • Beyond a certain level, though, excess calories that are not used up by cellular and muscular activities are stored as body fat. When body fat is not burnt off by vigorous physical exercise, it accumulates overtime, and becomes the source of our overweight and obesity problems.
  • Everybody has a family member or friend who eats any food he or she desires, yet is not overweight. Well, some people are genetically predisposed to remaining slim, regardless of what they eat. But even with such people, once over 40 they begin putting on some weight in the face, although their bodies remain slim. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not that lucky, and must be watchful of what they eat.
  • And there lies the problem. Many of us have difficulty controlling what we eat because foods and beverages are simply delicious and irresistible, not to mention the subliminal effects of thousands of advertisements seducing us to buy them. For relief with their overweight problems many have turned to weight loss supplements, dieting and the gym, but have largely been disappointed because the failure rate there is over 90%.
  • There is no weight loss system, except natural weight loss, that can permanently reduce your weight to a healthy level. The reason is that weight loss systems such as dieting and weight loss pills only reduce the water content of your body and give you a false sense of weight reduction, but once you stop using them, as many people tend to do after a while, the weight will come back with a vengeance.
  • Some weight loss supplements can provide the body with the necessary nutrients, and cut back on food craving when accompanied with at least two sensible meals a day. But the effectiveness of weight loss supplement depends on how much of it the body can absorb. The less the body is able to absorb the less the supplement will provide the nutrients the body needs to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Physical exercise is another natural way to reduce weight, but unless you are physically able to exercise vigorously for more than an hour everyday, you will burn only the glycogen in your muscle and leave the body fat untouched. This is because the muscle always has stored glycogen for activity, and only when that is used up will the muscle begin converting body fat to energy. Consequently, a 30 to 45 minutes physical exercise is not going to use up the muscles glycogen to begin reducing body fat. However, in itself, physical exercise is useful for blood circulation, which is a plus for maintaining good health.
  • The most effective and sustainable way to reduce overweight and keep it off is to change your eating habits regarding the type and quantity of food you eat. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day. But owing to bulk you cannot eat enough of those to get the required daily nutrients your body needs. Get a juicer and extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables. The juice is both delicious and chuck-full of nutrients. When you need a snack choose a fruit, instead of processed and semi-processed snacks.
  • Along with the fruits and vegetables eat two sensible meals daily. If you must eat fish, poultry or meat, eat it broiled, steamed or in soups. Stay away from fried or processed animal flesh, sugar and salt. The point here is to gradually change what you eat until it becomes a habit and a lifestyle you can keep for the rest of your life. This way you are able to maintain a healthy weight without starving yourself, or constantly craving for food.
To be sure that you are loosing weight consistent with your age, body type and health condition; consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

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