Saturday, June 12, 2010

What is More Important: The Nutrition in Foods or Counting Calories

The types of foods you eat are not as important as the nutrition in those foods. Foods are important to us because of the nutrition they provide our bodies to be healthy, to grow and the energy to perform. Therefore cutting out certain types of foods from your diet to lose weight without looking at their nutritional content may not be in your best interest.

Most of the diets program you hear about work by simply removing food types from your daily diet. This often means eating less of certain foods than you normally do, or entirely removing certain food types from your diet altogether. The basic premise is that by restricting your diet you will lose weight.

It's great if the foods you are cutting out are junk foods because in terms of nutritional value, you don't need them anyway. The problem arises when you totally stop eating a food that you are used to eating regularly, you will get cravings for that food, and eventually cheat on your diet and render it useless. Your best bet is to choose a diet program that doesn't restrict you too severely.

Another problem with many diet programs is that they tend to focus more on one particular aspect of the food, instead of it's overall nutritional value. For instance, many popular diet programs are based on eliminating fat, sugar or carbohydrates from your diet without looking at the overall nutritional picture. This has lead people to make wrong choices on what they eat.

For instance, people who are trying to cut out carbohydrates from their diet will choose to drink diet sodas instead of fruit juices. It's true that the diet soda has less carbohydrates than fruit juice, but less healthy. Your best bet is to drink the fruit juice and get all the different vitamins and minerals, instead of the diet soda that gives you nothing more than sugar.

When looking for nutritious foods that will help you lose weight and maintain good health, avoid prepackaged foods. These foods are often very high in salt, sugar and lacking in the vitamins and minerals that fresh foods are rich in. They are also filled with chemical preservatives. Avoid them whenever possible and choose fresh foods like fruits and vegetables for snacks.

Eating out is a big challenge for people on diet. It's not always possible to customize the food you get in a restaurant. You get what is on the menu. Therefore, it's best to eat in restaurants that serve low fat meals. They may be a bit pricey, but it's a price worth paying if your aim is to maintain a healthy weight.

The alternative to eating out is to eat more often at home. By cooking your own food, you can be sure that you are keeping track of the amount of salt and sugar you consume. By choosing a wide variety of food types, you are able to avoid eating too much of any one type of food, thus ensuring a balanced diet for you.

What is important in a diet program is the amount of nutrition it gives your body to keep it trimmed and healthy, rather than the counting of calories, grams of fat or carbohydrates. Your focus should be on eating a balanced diet, small to moderate food portions, regular physical exercise, and you can be sure you will get that trimmed and healthy body you desire.

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