Friday, June 18, 2010

What You Can do About Weight Gain to be Healthy and Happy

Above everything the food you eat and how much physical exercise you do determine the condition of your health.

Knowing the right types of foods to eat and preferring a balanced diet, rather than junk foods, or limited food types, can make a big difference whether your body performs at its optimal level, or reduce you to walking through life like a person with a millstone tied to his or her leg.

Every morsel of food you put in your mouth comes with calories. At the end of the day you would have eaten more calories than you can burn with normal activities. Regular physical exercise will ensure that you burn off the excess calories, which when left alone turn to body fat. Excess body fat is the source of stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and a myriad of other deadly diseases.

Research has shown that with proper management of the foods we eat, and regular age appropriate physical exercise, the body can be healthy and active well into our seventies. This been the case, the question is why do many people suffer a decline in health and vigor in their fifties?

The answer is more obvious than we realize. With our present fast-paced and high-stressed lifestyle, it's easier to do the wrong things regarding the right foods we need to eat to maintain proper functioning of our bodies, and the required physical exercise to keep our bodies strong and trimmed.

Added to this, in most household both parents have to work; not only that but also for long hours. There is not enough time or patience to plan a balanced home meal. More often than not, people eat what they can get their hands on, and that often means junk foods and prepackaged foods which contain more salt, sugar, saturated and trans fats than are healthy for the body.

Again with work and household activities including watching TV taking much of our waking hours, it's no surprise why many people are unable to find time to do physical exercise.

Dedicating an hour a day to physical exercise requires knowledge of the health benefits to be obtained, focus and a resolve to make physical exercise part of your daily routine. Your focus should lean more toward finding time for physical exercise than putting it off for another day that often never comes.

The problems of weight gain is all around us. Our kids are more heavier than kids in previous generations, not to mention their vulnerability to diseases that only adults had in previous generations. Weight gain is creating problems in our marriage and sexual relationships. We know the solutions. What is lacking is the resolve to do them.

With the combination of a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients your body needs, and regular physical exercise to burn off excess calories in your body, you can be sure to enjoy both a trimmed and healthy body, and optimal performance at home and at work.

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