Saturday, October 2, 2010

Preventing Diseases With Diet and Fitness

My interest in Diet and Fitness began with rediscovering that all tissues and organs of the body are made of cells. That without cells, we will have no tissue and organs, and life as we know it will not exist.

In fact, because each cell constantly pulsates indicates that the source of physical life is the cell. Cells join together to give form and life to human tissues and organs, allowing us to form thoughts, and using our arms and legs to put them into action.

It's not a stretch to suggest that when our cells are healthy we are healthy. For example, when we have a heart disease, what is really happening is the cells that form the heart are not functioning optimally. Finding the specific things to do to return the heart cells to good health will, in most cases, cure the heart disease. Or better still, by preemptively doing those things that keep the heart cells healthy we are able to protect ourselves from a heart disease.

We can already see a future where your dietitian will be as important as your physician, if not more so. You will go to your dietitian to prevent a disease, while to your physician to cure a disease. In the nature of things, it's a no brainer that we will prefer to prevent a disease, rather than to cure it, as some diseases cures such as ostomy, kidney dialysis and heart surgery bring drastic changes to our bodies and lives we will prefer not to have.

Doing simple things as eating a reduced cholesterol diet, drinking juices, preferably home made juices from organic fruits, vegetables and herbs; drinking teas, preferably green tea, and regular age-appropriate physical exercise will provide your body cells the right types of micronutrients to repair and build tissues, adequate oxygen to generate cellular energy, with the pleasant side effect of giving you a trimmed and healthy body that performs optimally both at work and at home.

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