Monday, April 11, 2011

Is Compulsive Overeating a Disease

Compulsive overeating or binge eating leads to weight gain and obesity. But those who are overweight would caution us not to be too quick in accusing them of being lazy because compulsive overeating is a disease that has to be cured before weight loss can begin.

Research has shown that brain chemicals play a major role in compulsive eating, particularly in foods with high fats, salt and sugar content. These foods stimulate the brain chemical called endorphins that conveys to us the pleasure we have eating them.

Consequently, whenever we smell the scent of these foods, or see them on advertisements, or even think about them, our brains secrete the chemical dopamine that causes us to crave the pleasure foods high in fats, salt and sugar bring us.

For this reason the argument is made that until the effects of endorphins and dopamine are inhibited, a compulsive overeater will remain helpless to avoid overeating and weight gain.

Whether compulsive overeating is a disease or an indulgence, you will find helpful information on the topic here: Compulsive OvereatingBinge Eating Disorder and Binge Eating Disorders Treatment.

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