Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is the Weight Gain Epidemic Real

We don't hear much about this on the evening news, but we are facing a weight gain epidemic in many countries around the world caused by the abundance of foods and drinks of all kinds; particularly foods and drinks high in fats and sugar.

The weight gain epidemic has not gone unnoticed though. People in America and Europe are trying hard to curb weight gain, unfortunately they are doing so mostly with diet which has failed to end the weight gain epidemic.

Statistics show weight loss achieved with diet alone is regained when the strict diet regimen ends. For this reason it is recommended that a sensible normal diet along with regular physical exercise is the right approach to losing weight and keeping it off. 

It is also recommended to get off a diet that keeps you hungry all the time. Rather, choose a diet that provides all the essential nutrients, mineral salt and fibers your body needs for good health; while doing regular physical exercise to burn off excess fat.

On physical exercise, consult your doctor for advice on the type of physical exercise suited to your age and health condition. You may want to start your physical exercise gradually by walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

For more information on the weight gain epidemic, and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of the weight gain epidemic read these articles: Obesity and Weight Gain Epidemic, and Excess Weight and Obesity - A Growing Epidemic, and also Reversing the Obesity Epidemic.

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