Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When Health Care Becomes Unaffordable

We can already see the effects of the high cost of health care starring in our faces. If present trends continue, health care will be expensive and unaffordable for all but the rich. Presently it costs $14,000.00 to remove an appendix; imagine how much it will cost for a heart or liver transplant, or a coronary bypass surgery in 10 years. 

Insurance premiums will go through the roof and become unaffordable with the result that the average American will be forced to choose between preventing getting sick, and enduring a slow and painful death for lack of adequate health care. 

Nobody or institution will deliberately deny the sick adequate health care, there will simply be not enough money, in the foreseeable future, to provide adequate health care for all who need it. 

Those who are heeding the warning for the future are already preparing for the days when health care becomes unaffordable for average Americans. They are doing this by acknowledging that we are healthy or sick depending on what we eat, drink and the environmental toxins to which we are exposed.

Consequently, health conscious individuals are changing what they eat and drink by avoiding high fat, high cholesterol diets. They are detoxing, replenishing and nourishing their bodies with dietary supplements, and engaging in regular physical exercise. That is the future, and the early you get on board, the better your chances are to live to 100 healthy and strong.

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