Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Belly Fat Can Affect Your Health

A common feature seen in most people in the West is a bulging stomach caused by increasing belly fat. Although information is out that this is no funny matter, those affected seem helpless to do much about it.

Put simply, we are taking in more calories through the foods and drinks we consume than we are burning with normal physical activities. By the end of the day, the unburned calories are converted to belly fat which forms the stomach bulge in 70% of people in western countries.

A waist circumference of 40 inches and above for men, and 35 inches and above for women is a general indication of excess belly fat. Difficulty with putting on your sock, a feeling that your clothes don't fit well on you, and suddenly requiring too much effort to do simple routine tasks are some of the problems from a bulging stomach.

More problematic are the health problems caused by belly fat, which include heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and others. 

Along with increasing belly fat within the populace is the awareness that there will not be enough money to meet belly fat related health problems in the decades ahead. Hence the increasing emphasis on diet and fitness programs to reduce belly fat, keep people healthy and from the doctor's office.

For what you can do to reduce belly fat and maintain good health, read these articles: How to Lose Belly Fat, and Belly Fat in Men, and also Lose Belly Fat.  


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