How To Use Your Spirituality To Lose Weight

More than 50 years ago, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book titled, "The Power of Positive Thinking" to provide his readers certain spiritual principles they could use to achieve "Happiness and Success". The book became very popular in the US and around the world, and was translated into many languages.

Fast forward to the present time, about 75% of Americans are overweight, that is to say in every 4 Americans 3 are overweight. This statistic is important because after unemployment, overweight is the cause of unhappiness in most people.

To lose weight and be happy, Americans spend over $60 billion a year on weight loss programs and products, yet the weight problem is getting worse, not better. Judging from the amount of money spent, if a physical problem is not the culprit then what is stopping us from losing weight?

One can't help but say the culprit is a spiritual problem. This takes us to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's book and his belief that spiritual principles can help you achieve success over your weight and other problems.

Like all critical thinking persons, you are skeptical that "positive thinking" can move mountains. I agree with you. Positive thinking alone cannot solve your weight problem and bring you happiness.

What Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said in his book, but perhaps didn't emphasize or make clear enough to resonate with contemporary readers, I will attempt to do by walking you through the spiritual process that goes on unnoticed when you practice positive thinking.

Positive thinking is the result of a change in your attitude toward yourself, your family and neighbors. This positive change in attitude is maintained by practicing, and daily affirming the spiritual principle to "treat others as you would want to be treated".

Now, it's not easy to practice this spiritual principle in your daily life, because in the spiritual realm of things, whenever you think of doing something positive there will be a negative reaction pushing against it to discourage you from holding onto your positive thoughts and action.

For example, if you are not physically impaired, what is stopping you from waking up early and doing 40 minutes physical exercise 5 days, or better still 6 days a week? When you think about it, nothing physical is stopping you, yet you are not able to do what you want to do to improve your health.

To maintain your positive attitude and the benefits that it brings, you need to read a spiritual book and be enlightened by it. You don't have to join a religion if you don't want to, all you need is the message from the spiritual book. It could be the bible, the quran or any other spiritual book, as long as its central focus is on, "treating others as you would want to be treated".

Treating others as you would want to be treated is important because it is the only way you can attract positive energy from the Universal Consciousness (God) into your life. This positive energy is received by your soul in the form of divine wisdom and power, and are revealed through your thoughts and action.

For this reason, positive thinking can only change your life for the better when you act upon it. If you want to lose weight, take action to achieve it. If you want a better paying job, act upon your positive thoughts. This is the only way positive thinking can bring you the happiness and success you hope for.

Before we get carried away by all the positive things we wish to do by positive thinking, let me say it's not easy to do the positive things we want to do. There will be obstacles from within our minds, and from friends and family to slow down or derail our good intentions and efforts. We should be prepared for them.

This is why you need to read a spiritual book to reinforce your belief that positive thinking is worth your time and effort, in order to strengthen your motivation and perseverance, and help you avoid pitfalls that could undermine your success.

To help you make the transition from not having read a spiritual book since your high school days to actively doing so in the weeks and months ahead, I have written a series of short articles as stepping stones to motivate you along the way. Click here to read them.

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